Tortoise and the Hare Overview

Tortoise and the Hare “T&H” Algorithmic Trading System Overview

The T&H system is an algorithmic trading system that places 2 buys and 2 sells above and below the market. Once the buy or sell is triggered the other trade is cancelled. Stop loss orders are then placed to mitigate risk and a target price is placed for the Hare portion of the trade, once the target is reached the stop loss order is moved to the original entry price. If the market continues to move in the direction of the trade, the Tortoise portion will continue to move stop to lock in additional profits.

The T&H programs allows for the quick movement (The Hare) of a breakout pattern with the potential for a sustained movement of a trend (The Tortoise).

The Program offers Four different levels of Trading Capital:

Small $25,000
Medium $50,000
Large $75,000
Largest $100,000