Red Rock Automated Trading System History

System Development of The Red Rock Automated Trading System


Lincoln Fiske Jr. is the Owner and System Developer for TradingVisions Systems Inc., which was founded in 2003. TradingVisions focuses solely on the development of a variety of mechanical futures trading systems and is the Developer of The Red Rock Automated Trading System.

Since 1999 Lincoln has released a number of successful systems to the public, and in 2003 he incorporated the company. As a developer and an investor himself, he trades his own systems, which gives him insight into their day-to-day workings and both the pleasure and pain of trading futures. All the TradingVisions systems are submitted to Futures Truth, a third-party company that monitors system performance. Lincoln’s systems are often in the Top Ten rankings, and two of them have in the past been named all-time Top 10 Day Trading Systems.

The TradingVisions philosophy is conservative and seeks to minimize risk, shifting the emphasis from trading to investing. Because markets are constantly evolving and have many agendas and cross currents, it is extremely important to be selective about when to trade. Systems that trade too frequently get consumed by the overhead costs of slippage and commissions. Lincoln also strongly promotes investment diversification through a portfolio approach to futures, which allows trading multiple systems and multiple markets in multiple time frames. Because of the variety of TradingVisions systems, the company has been able to meet all three objectives in-house and makes the task of diversifying simple by offering portfolios of pre-selected combinations of the systems. The Red Rock Automated Trading System has been carefully constructed to maximize diversity and return, while working to minimize drawdowns.

After more than twenty years, Lincoln still sees the futures arena as an exciting investment vehicle, but it needs to be approached with a healthy skepticism and the realization that overnight riches—if they ever occur—are as likely to disappear as quickly as they appeared. Success comes from realistic expectations, healthy capitalization, and discipline.

Lincoln is hopeful you’ll find this TradingVisions product will meet your objectives. Please do not hesitate to contact him with any questions, comments, or requests.

Good Trading to You,
Lincoln Fiske Jr., President
Trading Visions, Inc.