Optimized Trading – Methodology and Biography

Optimized Trading is a quantitative trading firm that brings adaptive algorithmic investing systems to investors. We provide proprietary strategies that use artificial intelligence and machine learning applications to understand market environments and optimize combinations of models to invest intelligently. We employ dynamic multi-model trading and investing systems for large cap stocks, ETFs, and futures (index, bond, and crude).  Our multi-model systems are controlled by our IMM (Intelligent Model Management) Control Module. We constantly strive for and pursue multiple sources of alpha, smart beta, creative risk mitigation, and strength of versatility within every system.

Optimized Trading strategies are designed using mathematical algorithms and econometric models to bring intelligent investing to professional and individual investors.  Our systems adapt to the current market environment and offer the investor optimal strategic allocation and portfolio diversification.

This collection of models offers uncorrelated opportunities that persist throughout all market conditions. The resulting strategies can be applied across asset classes and global markets.  In highly liquid and ever changing markets, having an adaptive methodology is essential. Our objective is to deliver high absolute returns consistent with effective risk management

Brian Miller

​Brian began his trading & strategist career during the Market crash of 2008, as an independent trader and developer.  Brian’s early & continued successes enabled his relentless studies into adaptive systematic development & robust strategic concepts.   In 2010, Brian started GreenTree Investment & Trading Technologies, a systematic R&D firm, once he noticed the lack of adaptive solutions publicly available.   In 2014, Brian was introduced to Robert Spears, both quickly realized they had similar philosophical views of how professional asset managers and individual investors are under served with quality adaptive solutions & customized strategic concepts.  Brian and Robert hope by combining their differing areas of expertise will improve positive client experiences, by focusing on versatile client-centric products & services.  For the next two years, Optimized Trading remained in the R&D phase, solidifying and expanding product foundations, adaptability, & versatility.    Today, Brian continues his exploration and understanding of new methods & processes within quantitative, technical, fundamental, behavioral, technological advances, & philosophical practices.  As the Foreign and Domestic markets continue to evolve, so must we, thus continued focus into R&D will always be the bedrock of our progress.

Robert Spears

Robert begin his investment career with a major Wall Street firm in 1981.   The next 22 years were spent working closely with individual investors and entrepreneurs to manage their investment portfolios in traditional stocks and bonds.   In 2003, he started on a journey to identify other areas of opportunity for his clients for dynamic diversification. This quest led to a new career in the futures industry identifying managers, strategies and building portfolios.  His introduction to Brian Miller moved this to the next level of creating a firm to offer individual investors and asset managers adaptive and intelligent investment programs to diversify in the constantly changing financial markets.