Bear and Bull Methodology and Developer’s History

Methodology and Developer’s History

Our proprietary indicators for the Bear and Bull Automated Trading System were developed by John Johnson — A seasoned professional who has over 39 years of experience originating from the exciting futures markets. He started as a runner on the CBOT in 1981, The Dow Jones Composite was a value of around 750 points and 30 Year Treasury Bonds offered a yield of 8%. He subsequently became an Arb–Clerk working closely with institutional traders and soon became one who many depended on to put forth opinions and buy/sell signals. He eventually moved over to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and continued to work in an analyst fashion for some major firms in the Currencies and Indices Futures markets. He was standing right in front of the S&P 500 pit in 1987 and saw firsthand the Stock Market Crash in 1987. He left the trading floor to further his career and became a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA)/Broker for a firm and later on struck out to establish his own commodities firm which he ran for over 11 years.

He has participated or has witnessed every major event that has occurred in markets since 1981. Including The Midwest Floods, Coffee Shortage, The Beginning of the 1982 Bull market for Stocks, Dow, 1989- 1990 Desert Storm War, Mini crash 1989, 1999-2000 NASDAQ Bubble bursts. The rise for Gold/Silver prices occurrence for the Year 2001, as he accurately projected that good entry was under $300 an ounce for Gold with a long-term objective of $1,900 an ounce target. The declines or rises for equities and the S&P 500 years 2001,2003, and in Oct 2007 his sell signal which signaled 5 to 8 months before the crash of the year 2008, The Japanese Yen markets and other Currencies trends. Participate in the Crude Oil futures market move from the $20 level and the run-up to $147 and then, the accurate call down to $30 a barrel from $107 a barrel level. Also, interactions in the Global markets like the Nikkei, Dax, and Footsie. And throughout this Methodology has produced trade signals that resulted in being historic moving events, even sometimes successfully picking tops or bottoms in various markets like Gold, Silver, Coffee, Halliburton, Gilead Sciences Inc, U.S. Dollar, and the Energy Index. One that comes to mind is the call of the year 2014, where he proclaimed on January 17, 2014, that Treasury Yields would hit historic lows while the large investment firms appeared on Financial Networks and said the opposite was going to happen. And he made this same call beginning in the year 2017…

Although most of his trading experience is acquired from the Futures market, he also used this same Methodology to follow and identify Stocks opportunities throughout his 39 years too.